Prague Naplavka is one of the top waterfronts

Prague Naplavka is one of the top waterfronts in Europe

According to New York Times the Prague Náplavka is between ten favourite places on European Rivers, Lakes and Coastlines.

Prague is real gem of architecture. But in recent years, the Czech capital has embraced its natural beauty as well, especially the Vltava river, which slides through the city. Big move was the 2010 start of the weekend farmers’ market, commonly called Naplavka, on the Rasinovo Nabrezi embankment south of Old Town. The growing popularity of cycling, jogging and rollerblading among residents, combined with the city’s unexpected turn as the European Capital of Sport in 2016, has drawn even more people to the river, especially in the Troja district north of the center. The Troja embankment is bustling with bikers, runners and in-line skaters on any sunny afternoon, to say nothing of the pedestrians heading to the nearby Prague Zoo. Heading south, strollers can cross the scenic Trojska Lavka footbridge over the Vltava to Cisarsky Ostrov and on to Stromovka, a park that was founded as a game preserve in the 13th century. For evening fun, Troja’s Galerie Trojsky Kun puts on open-air blues, country and jazz concerts.
Closer to the center, new waterfront attractions include Lod Pivovar, a recently opened microbrewery on an anchored boat next to Stefanikuv Most bridge, as well as a ferry line crossing the Vltava between the Karlin and Holesovice neighborhoods by way of Stvanice island.
Many travelers probably won’t notice that the music playing during the landing in Prague aboard most Czech Airlines flights is none other than the Czech composer Bedrich Smetana’s symphonic poem “Vltava.” But if you experience Prague like a local, you’re likely to take home many wonderful memories of the beautiful river itself…
Says Evan Rail, for NYT.

Rankink the top ten waterfront places in Europe

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  • Elbe River in Hamburg, Germany
  • Fjords Near Bergen, Norway
  • Vltava River in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Cinque Terre, Italy
  • Centro Botín in Santander, Spainsource and