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Traditional Czech Food in Prague
Trdelník – Chimney Cake
These rolled pastry are originating from the Hungarian-speaking region of Transylvania and Slovakian in origin but commonly found around Central and Eastern Europe in countries such as Hungary, Austria, Romania, and the Czech Republic. The trdelník is usually served warm and topped with a dusting of sugar, nuts or cinnamon. This delectable treat is made by wrapping the pastry dough around a wooden or metal stick, roasting it over an open flame and coated with sugar or cinnamon.
Watching this pastry being prepared is a fascinating sight. A common Prague street food, you can easily find stalls selling this treat along streets and open squares everywhere. It is the perfect treat to savor during a cold winter day!

Guláš – Goulash
Guláš is a slow-cooked beef meat and vegetable stew, with sweet paprika and it’s always served with houskové knedlíky, the ubiquitous Czech bread dumplings.

Pečená kachna – Roast duck
duck with dumplings and boiled red cabbage

Svíčková – Braised beef
The dish consists of sirloin beef that has been marinated and braised a day in advance. The meat is then covered in a root vegetable cream sauce and served with bread dumplings, a slice of lemon, cranberry sauce, and a dollop of unsweetened whipped cream.

Řízek s bramborovým salátek – Schnitzel with potato salad

Smažák – Fried cheese

Tatarák – Beef steak tartare

pronounced “ku-lay-dah” a creamy potato soup with mushrooms, dill, vinegar and a poached egg on top

Farmers markets in Prague
Prague markets are on throughout the year, most typically on Saturday mornings, with an ever-shorter pause in January and February.

Naplavka farmers market
by the river underneath the Vysehrad fortress, a 15-minute walk South from the National Theatre.

Jirak farmers market
The market is on every day from Wednesday to Saturday, so it’s one of the best places to visit in Prague if you’re here during the week. And it is accessible by Prague’s subway: just get off at the Jiriho z Podebrad stop and it’s right there.

Food festivals
Prague Food Festival
3 days of the best gastronomy on the Vyšehrad castle.
The already 11th year of the Prague Food Festival will take place 25-27 May 2018 at the Prague neighbourhood of Vyšehrad.
The main idea is to offer high gastronomy for a reasonable price! You can look forward to not only extraordinary dishes prepared by the best Czech restaurants but also delicious drinks and other delicacies.