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Beer in Prague
Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic or Czechia that has highest beer consumers per capita in the world. With a lot of traditional pubs and beer halls, there is plenty of the frothy liquid gold to go around. And the prices of beer (pivo to locals)? In the wonderful city of Prague beer costs around a humble $1.50 a pint. It is quite possibly, the cheapest and best beer in the world. Beer has a long rich history in the Czech Republic. The city of Brno started brewing beer in the 12th century. The world-renowned Pilsner Urquell is brewed in Plzen, while Budvar (not to be confused with Budweiser) is brewed in Ceske Budejovice. A brewery in Plzen employed a German man named Josef Groll in 1842. Groll was experienced in a new improved method that included cold fermentation. The result was the first golden beer, it was an overnight sensation. In May you can visit the biggest beer festival in Prague – Czech Beer Festival.  Cheers!