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Prague as one Europe’s architectural gems. Everywhere you look, see amazing examples of Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and Art Nouveau styles dot the city, providing a dramatic contrast to the sturdy ancient Prague Castle.

St. Martin Rotunda
Located in the mythical fortress of Vysehrad, St. Martin Rotunda is the oldest rotunda in the city of Prague and the only structure from the time of Vratislav I that is still intact. The building dates back to the 11th century.

St. Cross Rotunda
The second oldest rotunda in Prague from the end of the 11th century is the St. Cross rotunda located in a quiet courtyard in Old Town.

St. Longin Rotunda
Located near St. Stepan Church on Stepanska Street, is the rotunda of St. Longin, the smallest of the three rotundas in Prague.

Charles Bridge
The Gothic Charles Bridge is easily the most recognizable sight in the beautiful city of Prague. Legend has it that the builders added eggs to the foundation in order to make it stronger. The construction of the Gothic bridge started in 1357.

St. Vitus
The Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV commissioned the construction and design of St. Vitus to Frenchman Matthias of Arras in 1344 and after the passing of Matthias to Peter Parler in 1356.

Church of our Lady before Tyn
In the gorgeous center of Prague, in famous Old Town Square, sits the imposing, often sinister looking, the Church of our Lady before Tyn. It was first built in 1365.

Powder Tower
This impressive 65 meter Gothic tower, constructed by Matous Rejsek in 1475.

The Royal Summer Palace
Schwarzenberg Palace
Star Summer Palace (Letohrádek Hvězda)

Strahov Monastery
St. Nicolas Church
Troja Chateau
The Loreta
The Church of Our Lady of Victory

Palace of the Archbishop
Kinsky Palace

Classicism and Empire Style
Prague Estates Theater

National Theater
Prague’s National Museum
St. Ludmila
The Church of St. Peter and St. Paul

… and modern era
The Dancing House
Zlatý Anděl…  and next ??